New: GSM Mid-Week Update

The NASDAQ faded into the close.

Normally, that means the market could pullback, because it is a bit extended here.

The Short-term trend (<4 weeks) remains UP… BUT we are slightly extended.

The Intermediate-term trend (1-4 months) = UP

The Long-term trend (4 months to >1 year) = UP

Current True Market Leaders:

AFRM @ $101.5 with a protective stop

Current Best buy idea:

U @ $129.10 with a protective stop

MELI @ $1899.43 with a protective stop

DVN @ $30.55 with a protective stop

Not TMLs but offering a legitimate buy point: Sell and take quick gains:

Ethereum (ETH) is out and likely to make a new high soon.
Bitcoin (BTC) is likely to blow out over $50500 in the next 48 hours
But ETH is the clear leader!!!

PS: September’s LIVE event will be after Tuesday’s close. The details will be published here in a few days.