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        Meet Jim

        Jim is a very successful hedge fund manager who built his career by mastering the art of buying (& holding) monster stocks. Jim is featured in these books and is well-known as one of the greatest growth stock investors of our generation.

        Meet Adam

        Adam Sarhan authors the popular FindLeadingStocks.com report and is the host of the SmartMoneyCircle.com Podcast – where he interviews large money managers (all his guests manage over $100 Million) for timeless investing advice. Adam has been trading growth stocks since the 1990’s and started his career at CANSLIM.net (which was acquired by IBD in the early 2000’s). In addition to fundamental and technical analysis, Adam developed a third school of thought titled Psychological Analysis for capital markets.  He has been quoted on literally every major financial news outlet in the country and is a contributor to Forbes (~4M readers).

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